Plasma Vs Led TV

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Gaming TV
Have you very much fond of playing games like Crysis,Metro 2033,Bad Company 2 ? Have you crossed some outstanding winning stages of the games like call of duty ? If yes then enhance your winning capabilities with the out of the box screens of the latest televisions. For gaming it is always important that the TV is capable of creating strong vibrant colors, bright images, sharp edges and smooth motion. But often a confusion is raised in between selecting the Plasma or Led . Here is the brief description of both of these televisions.

LED :-

  • The LED television is simply a tweak to the existing LCD tech by adding either Edge or Direct LED lights.
  • They offer great practicability but their picture quality is less as compared to that of Plasma.
  • The average thickness of an LED television is of 1.8″ and the average weight for a 40” LED television is 27 lb.
  • The average viewing angle is about 37 degrees, the average black luminance is about 0.15 cd/m2.
  • Its average white luminance is of 250 cd/m2.

Plasma :-

  • Plasma televisions have the best picture quality and they are more economical than the other televisions.
  • The average thickness of a Plasma television is of 2.5″. The average weight for the 40” comprises of 42 lbs.
  • The average viewing angle is about 70 degrees and its average black luminance is of 0.05 cd/m2.
  • The average white luminance is of 100 cd/m2.

Conclusion:- The LED backlighting as a genre adds the better contrast and it also includes the quality and high-end features like 100Hz modes which are always suitable for gaming. Mr. Tom Henderson, TV trade marketing manager at Philips says :- “Plaasma traditionally produced smoother motion, but now the many of the high end LCDs use 200Hz panels and direct local dimming LED backlighting to match this performance as well – while providing superior brightness, sharpness and more brilliant white output.” Also, LED televisions are traditionally much more sharper with the still images.The cells react very quickly to the moving pictures and they never lose the resolution and the scanning rate has now got doubled from the normal 50 Hz by the software . Hence an LED television can be a better option for gaming.