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Think smart save and Re-Use

Trendsetter distributes an Environment friendly product range which is used for printing in the office. These are mainly Remanufactured toner cartridges and some inkjets. Sadly, more than 300 million used toner and inkjet cartridges end up in our landfills every year. This equates to almost 1,000 tons of unnecessary pollution that enters our waste stream every day. In addition, more than three liters of oil are consumed during the manufacturing of every Original cartridge.

With the increasing popularity of digital cameras and home computers, Australians are using more printer cartridges than ever before. Last year alone, about 18 million printer cartridges ended up in Australia’s landfills, 3 million of those are toner cartridges. It is an important fact that the plastic used to make the cartridges is a special polymer material which is non bio degradable. If you were to place an empty laser toner cartridge in landfill today, the plastic would remain in the same format if we would return to dig it up in a thousand years!

It is obvious that our environment is not getting any cleaner but we often times still turn a blind eye to what’s happening to the environment. We can do more than just recycle the news papers, beer bottles and plastic bottles.

By using our Ecotrend brand of laser toner (the majority is Re-manufactured), you will be helping to keep unnecessary waste from landfill. Trendsetter also collects large numbers of empty cartridges and Re-Use the ones we can. Every little bit helps. You can drop of your cartridges at our shop. 

We have over 18 years experience in laser cartridge remanufacturing. Trendsetter is striving towards a safer, cleaner environment. An empty laser toner cartridge itself weighs several kilograms and includes substantial plastic, metal and oil in it’s manufacture. Internal components and the cartridge shell itself are reused, unlike an original cartridge where all of the internal components are disposed of after a single use.

Should I Re-Use or Re-Cycle?

Don't confuse Recycling with Reusing?

For example: Does it make sense to crush a perfectly good used car to make a tin cans of it? No that’s why the huge market for used cars.

Many recycle schemes of today boast recycling. But recycling is not nearly as environmentally friendly as Re-Using. Used cartridges are recycles into part benches and plastic speed bumps and other plastic products. Its better than throwing them into a landfill but still does not save the 3 Liters of oil that is being used to make a new one.

Re-Use cartridges where ever you can. Trendsetter Specialize in remanufacturing and sourcing. We follow a very professional and modern remanufacturing procedure that requires specialized training and machinery. This guarantees you a cartridge that will have page yield and print quality of an original product. Please have a look at our Production Process to get an idea of what is involved to remanufacture a laser cartridge. We don't just refill empty laser cartridges with toner.

If you have unwanted printer cartridges both ink and toner, then please bring them into our store and we will make sure they are reused if they are in an appropriate condition. 

How much am I helping the environment by using Trendsetter·'s Cartridges?

An empty toner cartridge adds approximately 1-4kg of unnecessary waste to landfills. Over 34,000,000 kilograms of plastic and metal are saved from landfills each year as a result of printer cartridge re-manufacturing. The manufacturing process used to create new cartridges depends heavily on fossil fuels, imported fossil fuels. An average of 3L of oil is required to produce each new laser cartridge. In the United States this year alone, cartridge re-manufacturing will save over 76,000,000 liters of oil.